Quick Update

I deleted two half-written posts this week which has caused a delay in me putting something on here.  I enjoy writing like many other people to clarify my own thoughts, but I was getting bored with myself, and I didn’t want to subject you to that boredom as well.


The past week I’ve had a lot on my mind as I’ve been interviewing and scheduling interviews at various companies.  It’s both fun and stressful, but I like how interviewing causes me to bring focused effort towards whatever company I’m talking to.  It’s been a bit since I’ve interviewed, and I forgot how much of a rollercoaster it can be.  It seems like some days I’m unemployable, and then the next day I have to turn down an interview as three other companies want to talk with me asap.  


I’ve been really picky so far dipping my toes in the water with reasonable success.  It will be interesting for me to see where I end up.  Life makes more sense when viewed backwards, and right now I have a few interesting directions I can take things.


The past few days I’ve been dabbling in cryptocurrencies, both learning and getting my hands dirty trading them.  We live in a pretty safe and structured world, and crypto is anything but that.  Just before this I bought some bitcoin with the intention to move them off of the exchange platform, and sell them in a few days.  Not only did I pay exorbitant exchange fees (which I shrugged off for the convenience of getting the transaction done easily), but I got an email confirmation that I should get my bitcoin in 7 days!?  Also there are delays with getting money/bitcoin out, so it will probably take even longer changing what I think will likely be a winning trade to a likely loser….


With that said I like the concepts and ideals of the cryptocurrency space, and look forward to seeing the industry shape up.  There’s a lot of cool technologies out there creating a decent amount of fear of missing out.  Machine Learning/Deep Learning/AI has the backing from universities, government, and tech companies making its’ growing power inevitable.  Virtual Reality & cryptocurrencies not so much.  They both have huge potential, but they don’t have a fraction of the money or people behind them yet.  VR is going to be stunted for longer than it should be because of that, but I think cryptocurrencies are going to start showing off their power over the next few years.


Going to leave you with an Osho quote, and a pic of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as I was went to Alcatraz Island.


“Life is not logic, life is not philosophy. Life is a dance, a song, a celebration! It is more like love and less like logic.  Celebration is my attitude, unconditional to what life brings.”



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