I’ve been having a harder time blogging lately and I had to think about why.  Was it because I’m too busy with career stuff?  Definitely not, I still have chunks of time nightly where I catch up on sports and other time wasters.  Do I have nothing going on that is super interesting in my life at the moment?  Perhaps, but it’s not like in the past I consistently had weeks where I was doing so many crazy things that I couldn’t wait to blog about them.


It finally hit me… the real problem why I have less to write about is that I haven’t been reading as much.  I still read nightly, but not for as long as I used to, and it’s usually just a little bit of positivity before slumber.  I lately read Osho books (I have a few on my Kindle and just jump to whichever one I’m in the mood for even though they’re all pretty much the same) which is one of the greatest treasures I’ve stumbled upon this past year, but I don’t want every blog to be about meditation and love.  


One of the big things Stephen King mandates is that for writers to write they have to read.  For myself this is 100% true.  I’ve been consuming not only more of my content through Twitter (which I do like) and blogs, but it’s increasingly more technical things.  Learning the mathematical/technical aspects of Machine Learning and Cryptocurrencies is very interesting, but it doesn’t lend itself as well to discussion like when I read books of the caliber of “Sapiens”.  I’m planning to work on this.


This past week I did a deep dive back into cryptoland.  It’s pretty fascinating for me both on the technical/philosophical aspect of how crypto can change society, but also the “game” that trading them has become.  So many people speculating on hundreds of cryptocurrencies with very little real information.  Of course I have no idea how everything will play out, but I do know it will be intriguing and likely seem obvious in hindsight.


Christmas was very pleasant in Michigan.  The cold helped toughen me up for my mild California winter that I was starting to get annoyed at.  It was great seeing my family and my best childhood friend.  Michigan’s economy is picking up a bit which was a nice surprise.


I’m starting to work on my habits for the next year.  I’ll probably have a few goals, but I’ve realized habits are what takes me to my goals, so they are the real priority.  Here’s my current list that I need to figure out what frequency/duration I would like to do: working out, eating an approximately macro balanced diet, meditation, reading, writing, working on things that earn me income, learning, getting outdoors, spending time with my girlfriend/friends/family, travel.


Happy holidays!  Going to feature my sister at our family house eating king crab legs on Christmas eve.



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