A Few Recommendations

Welcome to my now consistently late blog posting.  I had this fantasy that I would do it every Sunday, but I often find that I just want to relax and read to finish the week.  Monday is the one day of the week where I’m good about productivity, and it’s nice to get my week going via writing this blog.  That didn’t happen yesterday though, as I went full Russell Crow (playing John Nash) in “A Beautiful Mind” scribbling down math and ideas related to a trading insight that I thought I had.  I’m still undecided if the insight is going to be worth anything more than me guzzling black tea and coffee gifting me a day of jittery anxiety.  Since I don’t want to disappoint my dear handful of readers, and in particular not getting angry fan-mail from my Mom complaining about me not posting, I now present you with my weekly post.


I booked my July tickets to Stockholm, and leave in 11 days.  Stockholm is probably not an ideal place to work remotely from (very expensive food/co-working/housing, cold in the winter/things closed in the summer due to holidays), but it has beautiful aspects as well, most important of which are my girlfriend’s friends/family.  I really enjoy Sodermalm, the hipster part of the city where I stay.  It’s a really nice city in the summer, especially if you know your way around.


I’m in the process of paying for some online personal training which I’m looking forward to.  I’ll give the name and more info assuming everything goes well with it.  I’ve really been into gymnastics strength training since going to Nirvana Strength in Bali, but it’s been hard doing it solo.  The Reddit “recommended routine” for bodyweight strength training has been good, but I’m pretty bored with it.  I’ll report back in the near future about how the new program is going.


R&D in the crypto trading world was great this week.  I wrote a new program to buy and sell for me, that trades much better than me, especially during volatile markets.  I also wrote an experimental program that tries a new trading strategy that I thought of.  It’s too early, but it’s performing decently so far.  On top of this, I made some significant tweaks to my main algorithms, and I started the process of researching a potentially game-changing (but just as likely worthless) idea that I mentioned in the first paragraph.  


A film that I had a blast watching was “Being John Malkovich”.  It’s that rare combination of really weird, interesting, and funny.  You might have to be in the right frame of mind to go along with it though, altered by booze/psychedelics/weed or whatever your favorite vice is.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I’ve recently been on an obsessive odyssey of researching high-end colognes.  I previously used Molecule #1 for the past several years.  Molecule 1 is a perfect scent in the sense that people either faintly notice it and like it, or don’t notice it at all.  I’ve never been into skin scents before or since, but this one is the exception.  This past year I started wanting to have versatility in my fragrances again, and the option to wear scents that weren’t necessarily generic crowd pleasers.  I have some that I like to wear before bed, some that work for the gym, warm weather, cold weather, going out, office, etc.  I should be done with my research indefinitely by next week, and I’m considering doing a blog where I dump all of my notes.  Luckyscent.com ships worldwide, and it’s been my resource for samples and buying.  One unique fragrance that I recently got, and is my new go-to, is Creed Virgin Island Water.  Lime, coconut, and rum: it’s like someone spilled a mojito on you while you’re getting sun at the beach.  I’d highly recommend it for people who live in tropical weather like me, or maybe even the reverse (can bring back beach memories during the depths of winter).


With that I am back to my research grind.  Leaving you with a pic from the beach in Isla Verde, San Juan.


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