Happy New Year

Hello everyone, it has been a while.  I hope you all have had a beautiful transition into this new year.  

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I coincidentally have a strong desire to improve my life.  I got Covid at the beginning of December.  I had a strong fever and exhaustion for just a few days, but I had an extended cough and low motivation for about two weeks.  As soon as I recovered and was able to re-enter the world again, my family came to celebrate Christmas in Mexico City with me.  With a forced month off and lots of indulgence, I regained an appreciation for the things in my life that require effort but bring a sense of accomplishment.  

Last year I had two basic goals: get into incredible shape (mostly losing weight), and set myself up financially for life with my trading.  I discovered https://www.atgonlinecoaching.com/ which totally changed my training, and I have the most mobility since perhaps childhood.  I’ve had knee pain for the past several years that seemed like something I just had to deal with forever.  It’s gone now.  

My hazy nutrition plan never became solid though.  I flip-flopped around from a Carnivore diet (which worked well for me, but felt impossible for me to sustain unless I had zero social life), a weak attempt at Paleo that was rough as my body didn’t know how to process fruits and vegetables after the Carnivore transition, and then flailing around trying to eat mostly healthy with far too many justifications for adding in cookies/pastries/etc.  The net result was my weight was probably identical to when I started the year, or perhaps even a pound or two more.  

I started intermittent fasting about three weeks ago, normally eating two large paleo meals a day at noon and 6 pm.  It’s been surprisingly easy to stick with, and I had no weird transition effects even though I dramatically cut my carbs and calories.  I’ve lost 7 lbs, feel more energized, and most importantly feel like I have a plan that is working without effort.     

I knew starting last year that my financial goals were ambitious.  I was realistically hoping to have the systems in place to have my trading automated and allow that goal to be automatically accomplished in the future.  I didn’t realize how far away I was from a wildly profitable trading operation though.  I had reasonably good algorithms and strategies, but most of them were finished right after periods of major volatility.  We had an unprecedented bull market in crypto and stocks.  I turned the new algorithms on waiting for the money to come pouring in, but the market had a fraction of the volatility and volume after the huge run.  I made very few trades.  The last six months I realized I couldn’t just wait for the next big bull market to return, and I went to work reformulating all of my strategies to do well even in more quiet market conditions.  As of the beginning of this month, I feel confident that my current algorithms and process of improvement are in a great place, and far better than ever.  I look forward each day to my results and the process of incremental improvement. 

I essentially have the same goals this year again, just going towards them with more knowledge and progress.  If I had the current trading systems that I now have setup, I would have had an incredible year last year.  There’s no guarantees this year, especially with how quiet and weak the markets have been to start, but I’m optimistic that what I have is already good enough, and I’ll continue to make improvements.  Similarly with my training and nutrition; I think I can just continue on with my current route and get the results I want.

I’d also like to share more.  I’m not sure if this blog will be sporadic life updates, or maybe I’ll write about random topics that spark my interest like I used to.  Today’s blog was incredibly hard to compose.  I’ve procrastinated on it, started, and stopped for over a month.  As ridiculous as that is, such a simple update of things I’m thinking about daily, it really was.  I’m incredibly out of practice.  My trading research and computer science skills are better than ever, but I’ve let some form of writing anxiety develop.  That’s my third and most hazy resolution this year.  It’s hazy because I don’t have a strategy/plan/schedule yet, but I’m going to put some effort towards it.

With that I’m going to finish the post so I can actually press publish for the first time in far too long.  I’m very happy to check in with you again, and leaving you with pics from a walk in Los Dinamos in Mexico City that I did yesterday.  

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