St. Croix (US Virgin Islands)

I’m currently transmitting this from the airport here in St. Croix before I head back home to Puerto Rico.  I just finished a 4 day vacation with my girlfriend as we start to explore more of the Caribbean.  We picked the US Virgin Islands primarily as Buck Island (we took a boat from St. Croix) is often listed as one of the top snorkeling destinations in the world, but it was also only a $100 and 30 minute flight from San Juan.

St. Croix had some beautiful beaches, particularly Buck Island, which is the nicest beach I have been to.  White sand that is compact yet fluffy, translucent teal blue water, and a perfect breeze to counteract the sun.  If I lived in St. Croix my first investment would be a boat that I could take to the uninhabited island on a regular basis.

Other than that we ate, and toured the island.  After 3 days we did everything we wanted to (also considering some things are still closed post hurricane), and I felt fortunate that Puerto Rico is as big as it is.

It’s hard for me to compare it to other places I’ve been, which is nice.  Usually when I go somewhere it’s very similar to somewhere else I’ve been, but slightly better/worse.  I do try to compare less in general now though.  I remember the feeling of sushi being ruined for several years after eating at Sushi Jiro in Tokyo.  Eventually I realized I can enjoy sushi (or anything else) if it’s good, it doesn’t have to surpass some distant memory of a previous thing.

I didn’t need a vacation in the sense of wanting to relax, but I’m glad I went anyways.  I had the feeling of being content for a while, but it’s always elusive and fleeting.  Lately solid ideas have come to me as to how to fix it.  Annoyingly though I haven’t been able to implement them; I’ve been stuck repeating some mechanical habits that I would like to change.

One of the things I’ve tried since getting to Puerto Rico is living with less of a schedule.  It was beautiful and enjoyable for a while, but eventually my yearning for productivity kicked in.  I realized something about myself recently that I can do one big thing (and only one thing) without someone cracking a whip on me (trading, writing, running a business, etc.), but the moment I want to divide my time I crumble.  I begin to default to the easiest and most stimulating (aka least important) behaviors such as regularly checking my trading profits/losses.

I need a schedule, something dogmatic that bosses me around.  I also need to work outside of my house most of the time.  That’s a sad reality for me as I love the writing room I established in my new apartment.  I’m going to investigate some co-working spaces this week, and try one out for a month.

I go back and forth on the percentage of my time spent in crypto vs fiction writing.  I’ve been having more fun with crypto lately, and have come up with several projects that are interesting plus potentially lucrative.  Writing is the thing that I would do even if I didn’t get paid for it (literally as I don’t), although my goal is to start publishing things that will hopefully sell.  I think if I do about 4 hours (which includes all types of ancillary activities to each subject) each a day that would be great.  So far I’ve done better when I dedicate a full day to either, but there seems to be a way where I can switch contexts for half the day.

That’s my goal for the week: to write out a routine, try it out, re-write it with my new information, and assess it again after another attempt.  I love the activities that I’m regularly doing (training, writing, crypto trading/research, meditating, spending time at night with my gf/out socially), but I’m killing too much time with decision fatigue/transitions.

I’ll leave you with a pic that Google auto-edited from a random beach in St. Croix.  I’m spoiled with Puerto Rico now, but the US Virgin Islands are definitely a beautiful place as well.



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