A Normal Week

I had a good week back in San Juan.  I followed through on some of my plans finding a real office to work out of (https://www.cospazio.com/ ), and getting work done.  I was really hesitant to spend money to sit at a desk when I can do the same thing at a coffee shop for less money, but it made a huge difference.  Not only did I put in a solid 8 hour day, I got into a flow state having to force myself to take lunch, and leave.  The two-iced lattes probably didn’t hurt though.

I was able to put some time into my crypto trading and I realized it was long overdue.  Every month the market dynamics change significantly.  I’ve watched the prices and strategies I’ve used over the past few months still work, but not to the same effect.  I tested a few new things over the past two months and was embarrassed how much better my returns could have been.  It’s a constant work in progress, and I can’t forget that.

On the writing front I *finally* got back to writing a former novel in progress.  I’ve been editing it (about 40% of a novel done), and made the transition back into putting new words on the page.  I was so excited when I started reading it, but as I got closer to getting back to writing some procrastination demons kicked in.  I pushed through though, and am close to the 50% mark in the story now.

A blog series about procrastination that I liked and helped me is: https://waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html

This guy Tim has a phenomenal blog in general, and some intimidatingly good posts.  I was inspired that he writes these type of blog posts for a living, and seemingly does pretty well.

Some other random things I really enjoyed during the week:
David Mamet on Masterclass teaching writing 

“The Leftovers” on HBO (Actually HBO Go as I don’t have a cable subscription)

A really cool Sci-Fi novel (I’m on part 2 of 2 now) called “Daemon” by Daniel Suarez

My current fitness plan that I’ve been doing for a little over a month: https://revival-strength.com/train-with-us/online-group-program/

Have a beautiful and productive week!  Leaving you with a view from the new office:


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