Last Week in Stockholm

I’m going into my final week in Stockholm before I head to Bali for what I think will be two months.  I need to book my ticket back asap (you can’t go there without a return ticket), as well as somewhere to stay.  I’ve been so focused on trading work that I’ve forgotten some of my necessary logistics.


This past work week I went through a rollercoaster that ended on a good note.  I was shocked to remember that it was only last week that I had my new initial (sloppy) data put together, and started to run it through some fancy deep learning algorithms.  This week I iterated over many different algorithms, spent far too many hours becoming confused and overwhelmed with what I should be focusing on next, and grasped desperately in every direction looking for some results.  Finally (after a whole 4 days or so, but it felt a lot longer as doubt was setting in) I found something that had incredible results.  Of course it turned out to be too good to be true, as I made an error in my profits formula, but it only needed a few modifications before it looked good for real.  I have more tuning and testing work to be done, and I had to drop everything the other day so I could do some more data engineering work (get my data coming in and going out properly) that required far too much caffeine to get me to push through.  Still in the middle of that unfortunately, but then I can get back to the fun stuff.  Hopefully someday in the near future I’ll be able to turn all of this into money, or crush my fantasies of it working, but either way it will be progress.


I did a fair amount of social events last week as well.  I’ve been waking up at a different time every day, with a different schedule that I often don’t even know about until that morning, but it’s probably a good thing to get me away from caffeine and the computer.


I had a day of swimming, bbq, and sauna at a beautiful lakehouse in the suburbs of Stockholm.  Although the lake was murky black, the water is much warmer than the local ocean, and alternating 10 minutes in the sauna with swimming in the lake was therapeutic.  It seems like everyone knows someone who has a summer house on the lake or ocean here, and it’s one of my favorite parts about visiting in the summer.


I went to a delicious restaurant Två Små Svin on Friday for lunch.  They had an awesome selection of open face gluten-free sandwiches like pickled herring, shrimp and mayo, steak tartare, eel, etc.  They are also known for their collection of Swedish Snaps, a strong liquor with many weird flavors that are meant to accompany foods.  I tasted some, but it’s not really for me.  The food was excellent though, and I’ll be back next time.


Thursday I had dinner at my girlfriend’s cousin’s condo.  It’s very much in the culture to have people over to your house and cook.  I prefer that to eating out, except for the fact that it’s hard to turn down the ice cream that always comes at the end!  They made gluten-free pasta for me which was very considerate, and perhaps I needed it to hit my short-term rock-bottom of eating too many carbs.  I’m looking forward to buying a weekly Paleo meal plan in Bali, but I do need to do a little damage control before I get there first.  I’m fully bought in on me leaving Bali lean and flexible from a Paleo diet combined with regular gymnastics training.  I think the key will be getting it going right away, and making that part of my life an automatic routine.


I finished a very short book, “The Way of Liberation” by Adyanshanti.  It’s his no-fluff guide to enlightenment, and like his other work, I loved it.  I plan to re-read it again when my head is less cluttered with statistics and programming, and I have a bit more time for contemplation.  It makes sense to me that understanding the true nature of reality and becoming enlightened is the most important thing you can do, but I want to stay in the land of illusion a little bit longer as I grind through my machine learning for finance applications.  Just a little bit more money and computer science skills before I can trade it all in for chanting in a cave.


With that I’m going to schedule my upcoming week, and do a bit of fun reading to clear my mind before I go back to spending hours a day trying to format two different dates to look the same.  Hopefully by the time I write you next I’m even further convinced my machine learning efforts are leading me to glory.  Leaving you with a pic of the pasta and a view from the upstairs deck of the lakehouse.


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