Work, Work, Work (plus some fun)

Welcome back everyone, I’m finishing my procrastination for the weekend and getting to my blog now.  My Sunday morning today was like the past 7 days, grinding away on different trading ideas I have, but fortunately my girlfriend suggested we go paddle-boarding in the lagoon near us, and I spent some time in the ocean and sun on a beautiful day here in Puerto Rico.  

I thought I would chill out a bit on my work this week, but some of my early success made me hunger for more.  I tweaked one of my two main stock trading algorithms without realizing that what I coded wasn’t exactly what I tested, and it lost a little bit of money.  It took me a day to figure out it wasn’t just bad luck or variance, but the way I coded it, and I fixed it.  Losing a little money (small, I’m still up with this algorithm since starting it last week) stoked my fire to get going even more, and led to a whirlwind of work.  My other stock trading algorithm only trades around once per day, and not every day, but it has continued to work very well.  I’m going to give it another week of confirmation, and then in March I’m excited to bet larger sizes with it.

While I was laying and relaxing on my paddle board in the ocean today, I was able to reflect on my bigger picture aspirations and thoughts.  I’ve had my head completely in the minutiae of my daily existence, focused on algorithmic trading, and I had to remember what I’m doing is good for me, but it’s not going to be my life forever.  I enjoy so many aspects of trading, and I’m going to keep working hard on it this year, but the beautiful thing about automation and computer skills is that things can eventually run by themselves.  The majority of my trading is automated and runs by itself now, but there are so many improvements to be made that I’m still working 7 days a week to get things to the point where I don’t feel like there are obvious things that could be better.  I’m perpetually trying to see how things look if I wait to buy/sell a stock for 1/2/5/.5% cheaper, adding/removing data to my algorithms, etc.  On my board today I accepted that my plan was/is to work really hard this year on it, and to not feel bad that so much of my headspace is in such a niche.  If I keep improving and building upon what I have going, there will come a point where it will be difficult to do any better, and I can let things autopilot more.    

Although I think about trading for many of my waking hours (and some of my dreaming hours too), I got in some good workouts, did my evening walk around the ocean and downtown San Juan, Johanna and I had lunch with another couple, and we went out to dinner on the weekend.  I’ve also been reading a bit more (“Presumed Innocent” by Scott Turow was awesome), and we finished the “Twin Peaks” television series.  

As a spoiler but unconfirmed at the moment, Johanna and I are planning on joining friends in Mexico City in April for a few months.  It’s pretty perfect in Puerto Rico right now, but by April it will have been a while since we’ve spent significant time abroad (we usually spend 4-5 months+ living in other places), and I’m super excited to live with/see my friend(s)!  Again it’s unconfirmed, but I’m hoping in the next week or two to set it all up.  

Leaving you with pics from a modeling gig I did for some clothing that my girlfriend is promoting, me nerding out on the computer (as if you needed a visual confirmation), and me doing some old-school bench press in the park now that I’m without weights.

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