One More Week

After talking with Jeff, I realized that I wasn’t clear in my blog last week about when I’m leaving for Colombia.  He thought it was imminent, but I’m actually not going until Feb 17th.  Sorry for any confusion.  If I get a post up next week, it should be my last one from the United States (territory at least) for a month.  


Most months I create mini-goals to help me focus, particularly with work.  The work ones I usually follow through on, but my personal goals often get forgotten.  Last month I pushed pretty hard to get my latest algorithm finalized and running, and everything else in my life took a secondary importance.  Things have been running as smooth as ever, and I don’t have any urgent work that I need to complete, so I plan to focus on my health and well-being for the next month.  


I worked through the first 25% of a Machine Learning course online (beginning the research for my next major algorithm, but the education phase is slow and enjoyable), and plan to finish it by the end of the month.  I can only do a few hours of that a day though while still retaining the information, so I have a good chunk of time on my hands. Next Tuesday I start Spanish lessons in Medellin from 9am-1pm daily. Other than that I’m pretty much free to workout, eat healthy, and socialize (that last part might be difficult in Colombia until I learn more Spanish though).  


I’ve researched some gyms and butchers in Colombia, have a place to stay, and am pretty sure that I’ll be living in a walkable bubble of Medellin that has everything I need.  Luckily the culture is big on meat, so I shouldn’t have a problem eating right if I get around my usual excuses.  


The past week of my diet was two steps forward, two steps back.  I ate very strict, and was reaping the benefits, but then started eating too much cheese at night.  Not to get graphic, but I realized after mysteriously gaining weight and having some bloat that I was constipated.  Instead of just cutting cheese out though, I started drinking tons of coffees, eating a lot of fiber, and basically doing anything to empty my stomach the day I realized this.  It worked… but then I couldn’t keep anything inside me. The idea of eating a burger when you’re in that state is not exciting, and I felt sorry for myself. I had some dark chocolate, some tortilla chips, and the like.  It’s a slippery slope, but carb and sugar cravings eventually come back pretty hard. I didn’t go completely off the rails, and I’m back to eating right again, but it’s hard for my body to transition back and forth between eating random unhealthy food and then pure meat.  


I think for the next month the blog will transition into a bit of a health challenge/Spanish learning/Colombia informational blog.  It’s not like I have any normal format anyways, and it should be a nice change of pace from my normal ramblings.  


I’m starting this week at 187 lbs, and there are no legit excuses to not have that number downtick by next week.  I’m going to try eating two large meals a day, and see how that works for me.  It’s convenient with my schedule as I can eat big after working out in the morning, not have to worry about packing food for the office, and then eat big again when I get back at night.  


I tried a website today,, and plan to put in small Spanish sessions this week to prepare me for immersion in Colombia.  I’m not going to go crazy cramming Spanish before I leave though, as I want to be fresh for my intensive course.  


Crossing my fingers that next week I can update you with some positive progress.  Have a great week, and leaving you with a pic from Carolina, Puerto Rico.



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